Why I set up Femity: an honest account from your Founder
Why I set up Femity: an honest account from your Founder
25 January 2023
If you’re reading this then hello. My name is Sibley and I’m so glad you’re here.
Why I set up Femity: an honest account from your Founder

Femity might be the newest member of the women’s health family, but she’s been years in the making. From the very first moment my health went awry, over 10 years ago, I’ve been looking for answers. I still am, and I think I always will be. Navigating female health issues is really tough, especially when the healthcare system you rely on so heavily lets you down. The sad reality is that I’m not the only one feeling this way and in fact, there are thousands and thousands of women struggling just like me. I hope, by sharing my story with you, it’ll help you understand what Femity is about (and make you want to stick around!)

I started the contraceptive pill when I was 15. My periods were heavy and lasted up to 10 days, so my GP didn't hesitate in writing a prescription. At 20, I became curious as to how my body would behave naturally and decided to come off the pill. That's when my PCOS symptoms began. I experienced severe hair loss, acne, mild hirsutism and irregular periods. I was referred for a transvaginal ultrasound which showed a high number of follicles in my ovaries and just like that, I was back on the pill. When I discussed potential treatments with my doctor, the only option made available to me was the pill. At no point did we discuss diet or lifestyle, and seeing as I wasn’t trying to conceive, I was told medications such as metformin weren’t an option.   

Throughout the years though, I always had this niggling feeling and wondered why there weren’t any non-hormonal alternatives. A few years later, I came off the pill and decided to switch to the copper IUD, desperately searching and hoping for ways to regulate my hormones naturally. My doctor’s only advice - aside from to go back on the pill - was to lose weight, based on my BMI being slightly over what it ‘should be’. Little did he know that at the time, I was suffering from a binge eating disorder, in the hellish throws of a binge restrict cycle. I proceeded with the copper IUD, but knew something wasn’t right straight away. I experienced horrible pain, which only worsened as the months went by. This time, I knew I had to see a specialist.   

After a series of questions about my medical and family history, my gynaecologist brought up the likely culprit: endometriosis. I could either go back on the pill continuously (without withdrawal bleeds), or opt for a laparoscopy. Scared by the prospect of a laparoscopy and the possibility of not getting a diagnosis, I chose to remove my IUD and go back on the pill. Whilst the pain never went away entirely, it certainly improved, and that seemed good enough to me.   

Fast forward to now, 30 years old and newly off the pill, my symptoms have returned and my pain is worse than ever. Whilst I feel frustrated and deflated, I also feel hopeful and invigorated. Why? Because we’re in a new era of women’s health. There’s more research, technology, resources and help than ever before; and above all, more awareness. Women are acknowledging the importance of their health and not afraid to fight for it. I believe, if we rally and share our experiences in this new world of women’s health, we can help each other find the answers.    So what’s my ultimate goal for Femity? One day, I hope it will be the go-to platform for women navigating female health issues; to help them better their health and support each other along the way.   

Who’s with me?

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